Asstnt Manager -IT Software

Location: Mumbai
Experience: Minimum 4 years experience in nautical softwares

Education: Diploma IT or MCA / Qualified IT Engineer, MCSE, CCNA.

Job Role in a nutshell: Assisting in managing the ABS Nautical Systems or similar Nautical Maintenance, Purchasing and Accounting software and cater to all the requirements of the management, the employees and the third party stakeholders.



  1. Impart Ship Staff NS training. 
  2. Address and resolve ongoing NS related issues from Office and Ship Staff.
  3. Liaise with ABS Support to resolve issues reported by end users if required.
  4. Upgrade NS on Mumbai Office Sever, Central Server, Training Server, Power BI Server and all vessel Servers.
  5. Look after Spares, Stores and PMS implementations and imports for existing & new vessels.
  6. Maintain automated Reports on Mumbai and Central Servers.
  7. Manage the Final/Last Download for each month
  8. Import SEI Invoices exported from Navision and re-export to Navision before or during Final Download
  9. Manage Vendors in NS (Creation and modification)
  10. Manage NS Replication issues
  11. Liaise with data population vendor for getting data populated for existing and new vessels
  12. Manage import of annual budgets in NS
  13. Manage ‘Approval Matrices’ in NS
  14. Manage overall ‘System Administration’ of NS 
  15. Create executive reports
  16. Install NS on new laptops for vessel (Ship Installation – existing & new)
  17. Project coordination for integration projects (like Power BI)
  18. Troubleshoot any issues related to daily Invoice and Vendor automated download.

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