Prevention of Collisions by Capt Yashwant Chhabra

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Born in Delhi on 14th February 1958, destiny took Capt. Yashwant Chhabra along the traditional maritime course to 
T.S. Rajendra in 1976, and to The Shipping Corporation of
India Ltd.
He had completed his tertiary studies at St. Paul's School and Lucknow Christian College, Lucknow. At St. Paul's he was selected the School Captain in 1974.
After obtaining his master mariner's license in 1986 he joined Wallem Shipmanagement Ltd. as 2nd officer, where he also rose to became Master in May 1990.
Capt. Chhabra started ashore in February 1993 as a Pilot in Mumbai port, went in to training at T.S. Chanakya in early 1994, and in January 1995 launched the first Bridge Team Management (BTM) course at Wallem Maritime Training Centre, Mumbai, which he headed till 2004. Apart from his deep involvement in a wide variety of maritime training, he has served in many other roles, including HR management of sea staff in
V. Ships, Mumbai, and heading crewing operations of V. Ships (Asia)-MSI, Singapore. From 2011 he was Manager (Training-Standards) in Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd., where he had started as an internal auditor in October 2007. He also sailed as Master on oil/chemical tankers between 2009 and 2010 in Anglo-Eastern. Presently he works for MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd., Singapore, as Senior Manager, (Training & Development).
In 2013 he was elected a Fellow of The Company of Master Mariners of India and in 2015 a Fellow of The Nautical Institute, London. A qualified MLC Trainer and Inspector from ILO's centre in Turin, he is also the first formally trained workshop leader from India for the popular BRM/MRM courses. He was bestowed with 'Outstanding Asian Educator & Trainer' award at Singapore in August 2015.
His thinking is naturally influenced by many teachers, students and colleagues, which includes his own father, a doctor who served the army in Burma during World War - II, continuing to serve the Indian Army until his retirement in 1975.
Yashwant and his wife Seema are blessed with an elder daughter and younger twins, a girl
and a boy.