Maritime History by Dr. (Capt.) Sudhir Kumar

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Dr Sudhir Kumar
Born in Amroha in Uttar Pradesh in India in 1947, Dr (Capt) Sudhir Kumar commenced his career as a cadet in The Great Eastern Shipping Company in 1963. He attained his Master Mariner's license in 1973.
Dr. Kumar took up assignment with the Indian Maritime Administration in 1974, from where he retired in 2007 as Principal Officer, Mercantile Marine Department, Mumbai.
Having had a run of gold medals earlier at his many professional exams, the then Capt. Kumar, as a matter of course, went on in 1985 to do his MSC at the World Maritime University at Malmo in Sweden. 
As evident from his having obtained a PhD from Mumbai University in 2007, at a rather late stage of his career, Dr. Kumar strongly believes that education is a lifelong pursuit.
Dr. Kumar is presently occupied with teaching and consulting.
Dr. Kumar says, "The purpose of writing this book is to showcase the struggles and pioneering efforts of the early stalwarts of Indian shipping, who at huge personal risk, struggled under the yoke of British repression to keep Indian shipping alive at any cost; the rich rewards of which the nation is reaping today.”
A strong desire for the proceeds of this book to be utilized for charitable purposes has been expressed by Dr. Kumar.