Evaluation and preparation of CV's for shore job

What is CV?

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae and is a Latin term that literally means 'the course of life'. Your CV is a means of providing targeted information about yourself. It is your first opportunity to make a good impression.

Why is CV v.important?

C.V is a reflection of your career. It is you advertisement, selling tool and trailer which talks about you since the employer would have never met/seen or talked with you.

For one particular job an employer/placement consultancy gets many CV's and specially from mariners who want to shift ashore. On an average a HR guys spends not more than 30-45 seconds to scan a CV and CV is your only tool to impress the HR person who would than forward the CV to his manager or the person who takes interview.

The fact is that no-matter what you want to do or what you've trained as or even how good you are - your CV will be, without doubt, the single most important part of getting a job.

Even if the CV is found misfit for a particular job, a good CV is normally

retained for further openings in an organization.

Why is CV even more important for sea-farers?

Sea farers are only used to fill shipping companies form.

1 They do not have a separate CV for shore job.

2 They do not think seriously about their CV's.

3 They are not aware of their unique skill sets.

4 They are not able to present these skill sets in a professional manner.

5 A lot of irrelevant information(unknowingly) is provided by sea-farer. This is because the most imprtant information for shipping job is actually of no use in shore jobs.

6 Formatting of documents is generally not done by sea farers which makes document untidy and gives a bad impression.

Have you applied to many companies through the intenet but have received no response/interviews? Ever wondered why? Three main reasons:

a) Skillsets do not match. (Cannot do much about it)

b) Skillsets are not shown properly (Improper/General CV given)

c) Poor quality CV. (HR manager bins it in less than 30 seconds)

If you want your CV to give a good 1st impression, you can avail the

following services:

a) Evaluation of CV: If you think you have a good CV, you could get your CV evaluated from us and we will advice you on any pitfalls with proper reasoning. Advice would be given on where improvements would be required.

b) Preparation of CV: We can prepare your full CV. We understand the actual skillsets of marine community and can make a CV as per your own achievements and one that suits YOU. Many companies like naukri.com also prepare CV's but have no understanding of marine background. They also charge upward of INR 4000/CV. Sea & Beyond is the only company which gives this service only for mariners.


Evaluation of CV: INR 999.

Will be done in 3 working days.

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Preparation of CV: INR 3299.

Will be done in 7 working days.

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