This is a wonderful initiative. Sea and beyond is the first and only platform of its kind which gives first hand info directly from mariners who have made their mark beyond sea ...
I am sure it's helping seafarers in taking decisive actions for their career progression . I found the webinars .. well designed. informative and immensely valuable 
Keep up the good work !!

- Capt. Aashish Gupta

Had the call with Mr.D.K.Manral, apart from being informative & suggestive for self from an expert, it was a rather a brain storming session for me where I had the chance to discuss each and every small point in my mind. A mentor or guru in life is always beneficial and I feel that this platform has the platheora of mentor for people in Marine Industry.

- Vivek Singh

2nd Officer,

I have attended a number of webinars organized by Sea & Beyond and was impressed by the panel of experts who gave valuable guidance in a wide range of shipping related fields. I would higly recommend this platform to any shor-aspiring sea-farer and would advice him to make most of the wealth of experience and wisdom from those who excelledeven after quitting the sea.

- Arjun Trivedi


First of all exited for getting a seat in spite of being on wait list.Session was very informative.Thanks for bringing someone who is expert in his field .Its a great initiative ,looks to further liaise with Sea and beyond.
Thanks to entire team.

- Arunabh Kumar

Chief Officer, British Marine Plc

Eye opener for seafarers interested to shift ashore, Gaurav you have given an appreciable insight about vastness of shore opportunities available out there....

- Debanshu Roy


A great initiative which truly goes beyond its tag line - Connecting people & Transforming lives !

I wish all the Best to Capt. Gaurav Rana and his team to keep up the good work.

- Capt. S.S Tripathi

Head of Business Development, Copa Shipping Dubai

Firstly I would like to congratulate your team and at the time thank you for bringing up such a platform for mariners.
Indeed your comments will help me to shape my CV in a better way.

Looking forward to webinar events and other activities by sea and beyond.

- Nilay Bipul

2nd engineer,

I am very grateful to the Sea & Beyond team and especially Capt. Gaurav Rana for helping me understands the things to be done to start a career on land and introducing me to the right kind of people.

Thank you and continue the good work.

- Vishal Jadhav

Second Engineer,

Thanks for organizing webinar, Found excellent platform for sharing shipping information to all seafarers, Who can take benefit while at ashore or at sea. Thanks for Sea and beyond for arrange such valuable programs for all maritime sectors peoples in shipping fertility.

- Capt. Naim Zaidi

County Head,

self has shifted to a shore establishment from a sailing career.
I thank you for your help and assistance in all matters.
The expertise, advise and timely feedback from your good company is highly appreciated.
I thank you for helping me shift from a sailing career to a shore one.

- Vinit Murkibhavi

Chief Engineer,

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