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Since it’s inception 3 years back, Sea and Beyond has received numerous enquiries from mariners who want to broaden their horizons and effectively use the skills they have gained in their respective sea services. We have helped several of them by connecting to mariners who have managed to do this through various means.

One of the more frequent requests has been to further educate themselves in marine/non-marine courses with more focus on full time MBA’s. We have felt there is a significant gap in the education and MBA related services for mariners and as part of Sea and Beyond’s initiative to “give back” to the industry, we are pleased to provide an honest MBA service to fellow mariner

Unlike, the other MBA consultants we don’t have a marketing team. So you will only hear from mariners who have done further studies in marine/non-marine fields. These experts are not full time MBA consultants and the only reason for them to be on the website is to help fellow mariners take a well informed decision and provide guidance on whatever best suits their profile and aspirations. Some of the experts available on our website are:

We provide the following services:

Essay review

We don’t believe in writing any fancy essays unless you have any compelling reasons. We rather believe in portraying your real-selves so that the interviewer can connect with the actual person who wrote the essay. Following is the process we follow for essay review:

  1. Once you register yourselves we will provide a draft in which essay needs to be written

  2. We do a telephonic discussion in which we will provide inputs on how you could formulate your thoughts

  3. Candidate provides the 1st draft which the expert reviews

  4. Expert checks, edits and refines the 1st draft and provides inputs for 2nddraft

  5. The candidate writes the 2nd draft and sends it over to the expert

  6. Expert reviews it and sends the final draft to the candidate

  7. Candidate fills up the feedback form

Price: INR 4999/-

Interview preparation

No matter how many times a person would have given an interview, but a fresh interview in a completely different environment is surely going to make any one nervous. A good preparation with an experienced and unknown person will make the candidatemore confident and ready for the ultimate test. We have the following process for interview preparations:

  1. Once you enroll, we send you a set of questions that you need to prepare and some interview tips.

  2. You share your submitted application

  3. 1st interview is conducted after which a feedback and set of inputs is given

  4. You prepare yourselves better with this feedback

  5. Second interview is conducted after which feedback is given to prepare you for the final interview

Price: INR 4999/-

CV Preparation for MBA

We understand a separate CV format is required for a college admission and a typical “CV for jobs” may not be adequate. Based on our own experience, we will help you to prepare a CV which is the right fit for your college. Following is the process for CV preparation:

  1. Once you enroll, we will take your sample CV which may be in any format

  2. We will now prepare a preliminary CV and send it across

  3. An expert call takes place with a senior mariner where the contents, positioning and formatting of CV is discussed. Accordingly, some inputs are solicited from the candidate

  4. Candidate provides those inputs

  5. We capture those inputs in the right format and provide a draft CV

  6. Candidate approves/request for edits on this

  7. We accordingly finalize the CV and send it for your cosumption from there on.

Price: INR 3999/-

Save 8% on total price when All services are combined Save 8%

Order All Services: INR 13997 INR 12877

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Sea & Beyond is a portal for the mariners and by a mariner and looks to help fellow mariners in whichever way possible.