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The prospect of coming ashore to progress in career can be daunting to many working at sea. In the shipping industry people are apprehensive about making transition from sea to shore. Those who can take the decision are stressed with questions like – Is it worth it, which field is most suitable, how to prepare, what skill enhancement is required, what is the career path, remuneration, family life, whether it meets their vision in life and most importantly how to make the transition and its path.

Sea and Beyond is the only platform in India which enables Seafarers to make well-informed decisions about their career. Established in 2015 by Capt. Gaurav Rana with a vision to help fellow mariners to take well notified professional decision. At an early age of 29 years Capt. Gaurav Rana stepped ashore. He was lucky enough to have a smooth transition whereas his fellow mates would find it relatively difficult in understanding the importance of studying for certain qualifications before leaving the sea and the path to follow for the smooth changeover. These questions hovered the minds for decades and were mostly answered through informal chats with a friend or acquaintances who may not have the experience of that particular field.

Sea and Beyond was started with a foresight to ensure:
● Visibility on almost all fields where a shipping professional could go (Currently 50 fields)
● Guidance from experts who have spent a fairly good number of years in a particular field
● Assistance in terms of branding a person with a good CV optimization & LinkedIn profile
● Guidance in skill enhancement for a career in the choice of a person
● Finally helping a person to get a job of his choice and experience

Sea and Beyond have progressed with time and so has the Vision. Our team at Sea & Beyond ensures understanding in person or via telephone to cater to seafarers’ requirements. We try to give the client the best-fit position, guidance, and organization of high repute as per the requirement. Nothing except a team of best players can contribute to forming the best companies. We hold the title of being one of the top search companies in India for Seafarers who always ensure to fetch the appropriate employment. Our fundamentals and motivation are still the same which is to help persons in the shipping fraternity to take a well-informed professional decision. Our aim is to now become a one-stop solution catering to most needs of mariners by providing all required information regarding key things under one roof.

After all your contentment is our ultimate goal.

  Your compass to success

1st company to address the “Career Transition or continuity” issues with mariners


  Find your Polestar

a. 1st company to have been endorsed by very senior persons (more than 60) from different industries for Mentoring and training purposes e.g- Capt. Saggi, (ex-Nautical advisor to Govt. of India) Capt. Bahl(ex Deputy MD, Bibby, Director -Murray Fenton India), Saurabh Rathore (ex- Director, Braemer ACM Shipbroking) and many more


  Your 1st port of call

1st company to start Webinars for mariner in 2015 (Conducted more than 70 webinars till date)


  Create your personal brand

1st company to start with CV preparations and LinkedIn id creation specifically for maritime community (more than 500+ satisfied clients)


  We anchor your future

1st company to partner with Foreign Universities to market maritime courses in India. Partnered with 8 universities in UK, France, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong


  Professional and Beyond

1st company to conduct ONLINE CHESS TOURNAMENT FOR SHIPPING FRATERNITY —CHESSMATE. It’s scheduled on 25th July 2020.


  Co-creating leadership

Co-created a “Global Management Trainee” program for a multinational shipping liner company based in Geneva


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