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MSc in Maritime Economics & Logistics

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MSC international Logistics & Port Management

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MSc Shipping Operations and Management

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Success stories

  • 1. It was certainly a great experience to attend this webinar conducted by IIM-A. There were many things I became aware of, during the webinar.
    For sure, this course will be on my to-do list/goals for future. Thanks a lot to the entire sea & beyond team for letting us part of said webinar.

    Deepan Chawla

    2nd Officer

  • 2. Very happy with Support & Guidance frm Sea & Beyond. This has helped me choose the right opportunity. Frank and reliable advice given by Capt. Gaurav Rana has helped me get my 1st shore job in a tug ownership company in Mumbai. Thanks Sea & Beyond.

    Capt. Tabriz

  • 3. "Sea&Beyond is not just a job postings board. They are a placement agency personally interested in helping seafarers effectively transition onto shore. I had a very supportive experience where the process of attending interviews and coordinating with the employer was seamless. In fact they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable at every step so that I didn't feel the stress of the transition. I'm very happy with their service."

    Pavan Kumar

    Port Captain Leading shipping & Logistics Company

  • 4. Sea & Beyond is a great platform to shape up the career of mariners. It has guided me to prepare my "Resume for shore jobs", which in turn has got me an employment as Technical Manager in one of the reputed offshore organisation.

    Nitin Saxena

    Technical Manager (ex-C/E) Leading Offshore company

  • 5. Sea & Beyond is a unique and first of it's kind platform that has helped me tremendously in my career. Even after having more than a decade experience in shipping industry, I had a lot of doubts regarding what steps I can take for furthering my career at sea as well as ashore. Capt. Gaurav Rana,my mentor,gave me a medium to interact with experts of the industry. This helped me clear my doubts and also guided me for growth in my career. Such guidance is not available anywhere else. Thank you Sea & Beyond

    Saurabh Sharma


  • 6. In a true meaning Sea & beyond is like a light house for all those who often find themselves at the crossroads when it comes to shifting from marine domain to the outside world.
    Its a splendid initiative by Mr Gaurav Rana and his team,especially expert call feature of this platform provides insight as to what to do and navigate towards your desired shore.

    Abhishek Som

    2nd Engineer

  • 7. Sea & Beyond is a unique initiative & I believe it is one of a kind in our industry. It provides a platform for mariners to communicate with fellow mariners who have taken the tough step & made place for themselves in the complex world that lies beyond the sea life that we know of. The webinar allows for a candid interaction with the experts remotely which is tremendous benefir. It also allows for a wide range of subjects to be discussed which a mariner can participate from the comfort of his home. I would also like to apare a thought and thank all the experts who have agreed to share their experiences and guide fellow mariners. I congratulate and thanks Capt. Rana on his thoughtful initiative & wish the best for Sea & Beyond.

    Capt. Dushtant Modak

  • 8. Had excellent experience with Sea & Beyond Team. they have changed the way a fresher applies for "Shore Jobs". CV prepared by them is not only useful but also value for money. Perfect treatment and advice given by the team.

    Capt. Suryamani Gautam

    Master MTM Ship Management

  • 9. Working with yours resume service i have gained experience as well. It was learning experience i am very optimistic that with this quality CV will have more chance to find a appropriate job.
    Thanks very much!

    Dejan Keric

    Croatian Chief Engineer

  • 10. I have availed these particular services, I found them extremely prompt and forthright in their approach. Their forte lies in dealing with seafarers , especially who are looking for shore based assignments and would want their cv to be reflecting all the wealth of experience gained over the years. Would definitely recommend Sea and thank Deepika in particular for her guidance.

    Capt. Vaibhav Ambe

    Master Mariner

  • 11. It was an enlightening experience with many of us taking some invaluable information home. Appreciate the vision and initiative by Gaurav Rana and team. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the webinar.

    Deepak Sasikumar

    Technical Supt'd

  • 12. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the team of Sea and Beyond especially Miss Deepika Sharma for extending her undue support and perseverance in assisting me to switch over from Sea to Shore based opportunity in Mumbai.
    Nonetheless the experience was smooth and transparent and was very professional in the dealing. Continuous feedback and effort from their end helped me in achieving a smooth switch over.
    Thank you for the wonderful experience and looking forward to many more years in future

    Ramkumar Ramakrishan

  • 13. It has been a great experience being a part of this Webinar. Capt.Sharma has cleared a lot of grey areas and i wish to congratulate Capt.Gaurav Rana for conducting it so successfully.
    Once again I would like to inform you that I am really delighted to be a part of Sea and Beyond.

    Vivekananda Bhowmick

    Chief officer Anglo eastern ship management

  • 14. Sunil Bansal: It was a great experience for me to attend webinar, I was expecting technical failures which usually happen during web supported events but it went well without any issue .
    Suggestion: If we can have more speakers from university then it would be another highlight of webinar.
    I am looking forward to attend a webinar on Maritime law.
    Thanks again to Sea and Beyond.

    - sandeep singh choudhary: Thanks a lot Mariem & Best regards to Sea & Beyond Team.

    - Pankaj: thanks a lot for the valuable info

    - Gaurav Mishra: Thank you very much for info and your valuable time, great session. Thanks Sea & Beyond team, Thanks Gaurav Sir...

    Webinar success stories

    Conducted by Erasmus University Rotterdam on on Courses offered and opportunities for mariners

  • 15. I have been lucky to be associated with sea and beyond team for the last 3 years. As a seafarer looking to start a career ashore it’s difficult to find suitable opportunities. Sea and beyond is great platform for shore jobs for aspiring seafarers. I thank them for guiding me and assisting me make the right choice for a career ashore. They regular update us with suitable opportunities ashore by messages and emails. And Deepika in particular has always kept in touch and provided promt updates on jobs. Their rapport with various clients also is a plus point for connecting with the shore industry. I wish them all the best and would definitely be associated with them for a long time.

    Capt. Rishi Bhatia

  • 16. A heartiest thanks to Sea and beyond for the platform they are providing to bridge the gap between the sailing staff and shore opportunities. My recent expert call with Mr Saurabh Rathore was very informative and bang on target all the doubts were best possible clarified and all myths broken.His able guidance would definately sail me through a good career option ashore and will endeavour to follow his guidance to the best of my ability .Thank you once again S&B and special thanks to Mr Rathore for his valuable time and guidance.


    Chief Officer Chawla

  • 17. It's always a Herculean task for a seafarer to scout for a shore job , but in my case, it was made simple and convenient after approaching the services of Sea and Beyond, Deepika was very efficient in guiding me from the very start till the end and I am now holding a comfortable job despite relocating from my hometown. Thank you so much for making our lives easier !


  • 18. Dear Capt. Gaurav Rana, Appreciate your efforts in setting up the platform www.seaandbeyond.com. Have attended webinars on it and found to be very useful for seafarers looking to widen their knowledge on potential shore jobs. Also the regular updates on shore opportunities are very useful. Wishing you the very best for your future endevaours and trust the site will help many seafarers.

    Capt. Nivin J.Varkey

  • 19. I had opted to take the service of Resume Preparation from sea and beyond.

    The response I got from them was prompt and quite professional.

    The resume they prepared for me was quite good and reflect my skills and achievements to the point.

    I have been using the same resume for my further interactions with various companies.

    Vivek Prasad

    Chief Engineer Anglo Eastern Group

  • 20. With reference to the CV preparation, I would like to say that I am very much satisfied by the outcome mainly because of your consistent correspondence and professional approach. Was very much impressed with the expert advise given by Capt. Rana as well.
    You had been a great co-ordinator during this process. I hope that now I get better responses from companies inviting for jobs either in India or overseas.

    Thanks and wish you all the luck.

    Capt. Tariquzzaman Bhatkar

    Master Mariner

  • 21. Great job done by Sea & Beyond Team

    Capt. Prema Sagar Siyyadri

    Asst. Manager NKOM - Nakilat Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd

  • 22. Sea & Beyond is a thought provoking website to cater experienced seafarers for a step to shore. The company handled my application & interview process to one of the prestigious clients in a thorough professional manner.

    Capt. Kahlon BS

  • 23. I came across Sea and beyond through one of my senior sailing collegaue while I had decided to hang my sailing boots.
    Even though the advertisement forwarded to me was only for Chief engineer with oil tanker background and not LPG background, I did send my resume to seaandbeyond.
    I got a call from Ms Deepika Sharma ( Business Manager) of sea and beyond telling me that even though my resume was not as per the requirement but she can confirm it from the clients about it in a day.
    I never expected a call back from her as , I was not from the required background.
    Then I did get a call back from her ,about my profile being shortlisted and guided me constantly for all the subsequent interview and selection process.
    I am very impressed with the way of operation and professional manner ,in which I was constantly being updated.
    I would like to extend my sincere gratitude towards seaandbeyond.com, especially Ms Deepika Sharma.

    Mahesh T Saravanan

    Tech Supt'd

  • 24. Kudos to Sea & Beyond Team
    The webinar was very helpful, worth the money.
    Mr Amit suri was very impressive ,covered the topics nicely and with enough details.
    This was my 2nd webinar, looking forward to attending more in the future.
    Keep it up.

    Gaurav Maithil

    2nd Engineer

  • 25. Thank you for this noble initiative and giving us this platform..this would be of great help to thousands of Indian mariners.

    Sanjeev Rajan

    4th Engineer

  • 26. hank you and your team for the educational webinar. Well-coordinated. Looking forward to many more.

    Capt Pratik Pawar

    Master Mariner V Ships

  • 27. I would like to thank Capt Gaurav Rana without whose help, shifting ashore would only be a dream. Capt Gaurav Rana through his website www.seaandbeyond.com has helped me lay the foundation of my job ashore. Through Sea & Beyond, I received the opportunity to work ashore during which I was able to explore the opportunities and work culture ashore. I would like to personally help my mentor Capt Gaurav Rana for his persistent assistance and his advices. The webinars organised by Sea & Beyond are a rich source of information which is not available elsewhere. They are quite versatile in their approach and cater to the individual questions of a persons and turns out to be a useful tool to supply the much needed information to an ill informed seafarer.

    Capt. Arvind Agnihotri

  • 28. hank you and your team for the educational webinar. Well-coordinated. Looking forward to many more.

    Capt Pratik Pawar

    Master Mariner V Ships

  • 29. A never before initiative. Can provide a whole new aspect of sea carrier. Wish it was there a few years back. All the best buddy.

    Capt. Ankit Garg

    ex- Operations Supt'd

  • 30. This is a wonderful initiative. Sea and beyond is the first and only platform of its kind which gives first hand info directly from mariners who have made their mark beyond sea ...
    I am sure it's helping seafarers in taking decisive actions for their career progression . I found the webinars .. well designed. informative and immensely valuable 
Keep up the good work !!

    Capt. Aashish Gupta

  • 31. Had the call with Mr.D.K.Manral, apart from being informative & suggestive for self from an expert, it was a rather a brain storming session for me where I had the chance to discuss each and every small point in my mind. A mentor or guru in life is always beneficial and I feel that this platform has the platheora of mentor for people in Marine Industry.

    Vivek Singh

    2nd Officer

  • 32. I go through the profile and emails and really appreciate the way you guys are helping the industry. Even I forward your messages to all our marine groups.

    Pavan Lagishetty


  • 33. First of all exited for getting a seat in spite of being on wait list.Session was very informative.Thanks for bringing someone who is expert in his field .Its a great initiative ,looks to further liaise with Sea and beyond.
    Thanks to entire team.

    Arunabh Kumar

    Chief Officer British Marine Plc

  • 34. I have attended a number of webinars organized by Sea & Beyond and was impressed by the panel of experts who gave valuable guidance in a wide range of shipping related fields. I would higly recommend this platform to any shor-aspiring sea-farer and would advice him to make most of the wealth of experience and wisdom from those who excelledeven after quitting the sea.

    Arjun Trivedi


  • 35. Firstly I would like to congratulate your team and at the time thank you for bringing up such a platform for mariners.
    Indeed your comments will help me to shape my CV in a better way.

    Looking forward to webinar events and other activities by sea and beyond.

    Nilay Bipul

    2nd engineer

  • 36. self has shifted to a shore establishment from a sailing career.
    I thank you for your help and assistance in all matters.
    The expertise, advise and timely feedback from your good company is highly appreciated.
    I thank you for helping me shift from a sailing career to a shore one.

    Vinit Murkibhavi

    Chief Engineer

  • 37. Eye opener for seafarers interested to shift ashore, Gaurav you have given an appreciable insight about vastness of shore opportunities available out there....

    Debanshu Roy


  • 38. A great initiative which truly goes beyond its tag line - Connecting people & Transforming lives !

    I wish all the Best to Capt. Gaurav Rana and his team to keep up the good work.

    Capt. S.S Tripathi

    Head of Business Development Copa Shipping Dubai

  • 39. I was looking to quit sailing & switch to some shore job since long time
    It’s was becoming extremely difficult & challenging as a junior officers to find a suitable shore job. As majority of the most renowned job search web portal doesn’t have a streamlined job matches for seafares, where your skills & knowledge acquired during sea service matches the job. Sea & beyond is a fantastic platform for all the seafarers looking for new job opportunities at shore.
    I would like to especially thank Capt. Gaurav Rana sir for taking my Application on proactively basis & connecting/helping me get hired in a renowned organization in no time.
    I strongly recommend Sea & Beyond for all the seafares.

    Sandeep Kumar

    Ex 3rd Officer Pacific international lines}

  • 40. The webinar by Capt Harsh Johri was a very informative session. Learnt a lot in the 2 hours and quite a few of my queries were clarified.
    I owe my present job to sea and beyond team and I thank Deepika Sharma for regularly updating me on the upcoming webinars and any job opportunities applicable for me.

    Thanks to sea and beyond team for arranging the webinar .

    Capt Shehwaz Riyaz

    Marine Superintendent Celestial Meridian Shipping

  • 41. I am very grateful to the Sea & Beyond team and especially Capt. Gaurav Rana for helping me understands the things to be done to start a career on land and introducing me to the right kind of people.

    Thank you and continue the good work.

    Vishal Jadhav

    Second Engineer

  • 42. Thanks for organizing webinar, Found excellent platform for sharing shipping information to all seafarers, Who can take benefit while at ashore or at sea. Thanks for Sea and beyond for arrange such valuable programs for all maritime sectors peoples in shipping fertility.

    Capt. Naim Zaidi

    County Head

  • 43. Thank you for your work on my resume. I personally liked how you/your team were able to highlight and capture my core skills and were always happy to accommodate all my inputs. It’s been a fantastic experience working through the updates with you/your team.

    I am personally impressed with the webinar/forum your team arranged for us. Great platform to bring all of us together to such forums and hear the perspectives and opinions from our industry leaders.
    Capt Harsh Johari shared some amazing information and also touched on many aspects of how we can tap on our skills and enhance our career.
    I hugely recommend all mariners to attend thse kind of webinars arranged by Sea and Beyond and take advantage of the experts to help you build your resume and transition ashore. One stop platform to all your queries .
    Good Job Team!

    Capt. Akhil Malhotra

    Master Mariner Gearbulk Ship Owning Ltd

  • 44. I am really thankful to you for giving me this opportunity. Hope to catch up with you someday and say Hello!! Take care and keep in touch

    Sanket Mahajan

    2nd Officer

  • 45. The Webinar “Opportunities as a Surveyor for P&I clubs” by Capt. Amarinder Singh Brar was really interactive and it was my first webinar experience ever and must say was really informative as well.

    Most of all what i enjoyed were the voting questions, i was really surprised that self was able to answer same quite rightly.

    Thanks to the Sea & Beyond team for this opportunity.

    Capt Nachiket M. Warty

    Master Mariner

  • 46. Sea & Beyond thank you for the lovely and very informative webinar you organised for all of us . Indeed a great job and efforts from your side for fellow seafarers inspiring to transit ashore. Great job !!

    Maneshsankar Hegden

    Chief Officer

  • 47. call was very informative and value for money

    sidharth kumar

    3rd Engineer

  • 48. ): The Webinar was good, focusing on management skills, and general management which is useful in day to day hr management. As a sailing officer the course will have much of relevance if you are thinking to shift ashore.

    Akash Saraswat

    Chief Officer

  • 49. Had a expert call with Capt. Palash. Call was very informative and helpful. Giving a better exposure than information available on.websites as the information given here was thru experienced personnel. Appreciate Sea and Beyond team.

    Nelson Vatiwala


  • 50. Appreciate your efforts...great platform to share knowledge and information for shore opportunities...Looking forward for your support and guidance...

    Rohan Upadhye


  • 51. was good and informative. Got a chance to know about the shore job opportunities and meet lot of experienced people in the industry.

    Joe Thermadam

    2nd Engineer

  • 52. Sea & Beyond has taken deep interest in preparing my CV. It is really VALUE for money

    Sunil Kumar Patel

    Chief Engineer

  • 53. Gaurav I think it is a good platform and definitely the younger lot will benefit through your efforts. Thanks and as I mentioned earlier do start a minimal fee for registration.

    Capt. Kedar Chaudhary


  • 54. This is the first time I have attended a webinar and it was interesting. Overall, I liked the hands on approach and the poll system, which could give an idea how much the audience is involved during the presentation.
    I will definitely like to join future presentations which interest me.

    Thank you for taking the initiative for helping seafarers take the big step.

    Capt Shehwaz Riyaz

    Marine Superintendent Celestial Meridian Shipping

  • 55. Thank you Sea & Beyond for the Innovative initiative in order to connect with experts from different industries.
    It was a great experience to attained webinar by Capt. Amol, it was very informative, to the point & all the queries were answered. Would like to be a part of future webinars.

    Naveen Nathan

    4th Engineer Seaarland Shipping

  • 56. Lot of things got cleared about chartering and broking. ..Thanks to sea and beyond.

    Charanpal singh


  • 57. Wonderful experience with Sea & Beyond Team who helped me in preparation of my shore CV. Extremely professional and certainly worth investing time and money. They are doing a good service by assisting aspiring seafarers and acting like a stepping stone for a future ashore.

    Capt. Rishi Batra


  • 58. I have attended the latest webinar on
    It was a nice informative session. I wish to attend more webinars with sea and beyond.

    The voice was clear and nice.

    Joe Thermadam

    2nd Engineer Anglo Eastern Shipmanagement

  • 59. Really a information pack session with great kind of innovative idea to really by less effort plenty of feedback just because of your idea which really once again appreciated.

    Isar Hashmi


  • 60. he session went very well and was very informative. Capt Brar took all my queries and answered each of them well in detail. He also adviced the best suited option for me. Afsal Bari

    Afsal Bari

    Chief Officer Maersk

  • 61. Sea and beyond is a great platform,
    Thank you for connecting mariners with industry experts.
    The webinar was very informative.

    Arunabh Kumar

    Chief Officer

  • 62. I wish I cud be there but sailing dis days till end of d year end.

    Praful Mankar


  • 63. Sea & beyond has given me an excellent opportunity to speak to an expert on one to one basis . The website is a good platform for seafarers who wish to evaluate alternate career paths and then decide what he wants to choose.

    Debanshu Roy Choudhary


  • 64. My best regards for starting this wonderful platform for mariners.

    Amar Mudgal


  • 65. Thanks a lot for providing this valuable information. Currently pursuing Master's examination in india. Will definitely contact you once cleared my master's. Thanks again.

    Gaurav Jain


  • 66. Hi Team, A great initiative I would like to know more & more about it.


    MBA from University of New South Wales.

  • 67. Thank u sir for yur effort to give us such opportunity for shore job.

    Dinesh Kumar

    Marine Engineer

  • 68. Thanks for establishing Sea and Beyond. I really appreciate your hard work sir for getting candidate to right shore job .

    Arun Vishwakarma



Personalized advice from pioneers in the industry

This platform informs the mariner ,firstly, the career options available and than connects him to top subject matter experts. You get customized advice on how to enrich your career and evaluate the available options .
We address the following important career issues:

a) What are the opportunities available?
b) How do I plan my career?
c) What should I do to add value to my profile?
d) Is doing a certain course helpful?
e) How do I get the desired skillsets to match the future opportunities?
f) Which kind of jobs would suit my personality and vision?
g) Should I do a shipping course or an MBA?
h) Which college or course?

You can browse our Experts list drawn out from various fields and function, select them and set up a call with them. Alternately, you can tell us in brief what advice you need and we will recommend the right mentor for you. These experts would be available for guidance to you at your "click and call".

Evaluation and preparation of CV's for shore job

Current openings

Purchasing Systems Controller

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 5 - 7 years

Technical Manager

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 6 months

Supplier Administrator

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 3-4 years

Travel Consultant

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 1+ Years

HR Officer

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2 years

Customer Service Executive

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2-3 Years

Software Developer

Location: Pune
Experience: 1-3 years

Accountant Manager

Location: Navi Mumbai
Experience: 10 - 12 years

Recruitment Co-ordinator

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 1 - 2 years

Assistant Manager Recruiter

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 4-5 years

Offshore Recruitment

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 1 year

Offshore Recruitment

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 1 year

HR Executive

Location: Chennai
Experience: MBA Fresher

Fleet Care Executive

Location: Cochin/Mumbai
Experience: 2 years

Sr. Chartering Broker

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 5 - 10 years

PMS Executive

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 1-2 years

Accounts Assistant

Location: Hyderabad, India
Experience: 1+ years

Planner (Sourcing Team)

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 3-4 years

Senior Operations Manager

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 10+ years

Asst. Operations Manager

Location: Chennai
Experience: 8 - 10 years

Country Manager

Location: Kenya
Experience: 10+ years

Compliance Officer

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2-3 years

Chief Engineers

Location: Mumbai/Delhi
Experience: 2-5 years

Master Mariner

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 0-3 years

Crewing Manager

Location: Navi Mumbai
Experience: 2-8 years

Recruitment Executive

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 3-6 years

Education Counsellor

Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2-8 years


  • Capt. M. M. Saggi
    Capt. M. M. Saggi

    Consultant, ex-Nautical Advisor to Govt. of India

  • Capt. Kapil Dev Bahl
    Capt. Kapil Dev Bahl

    Director, Murray Fenton India Director, BMT Consultants India

  • Capt. Deepak Sachdeva
    Capt. Deepak Sachdeva

    COO & Director, Vadinar Oil Terminal Ltd.

  • Capt. Ashok Kumar Bhattacharjee
    Capt. Ashok Kumar Bhattacharjee

    ex-CEO, Apollo Logistics

  • Shishir Kumar
    Shishir Kumar

    Assistant Vice President, Reliance , MBA -- IIM-A

  • D.K Manral
    D.K Manral

    CEO, VGCB, Vedanta Ports

  • Capt. Sansarchandra Chaube
    Capt. Sansarchandra Chaube

    Head Marine Services, Mundra port

  • Saurabh Rathore
    Saurabh Rathore

    Director/ Head of Operations Braemar ACM Shipbroking India

  • Capt. Ashok Dhawan
    Capt. Ashok Dhawan

    ex-Country head, Inchcape Shipping

  • Capt. Amol Deshmukh
    Capt. Amol Deshmukh

    Director-Marine Claims & Insurance

  • Capt. Sanjay Dewan
    Capt. Sanjay Dewan

    Partner, QHSE Risk Consultants LLP

  • Capt. Balkrishna M. Manderkar
    Capt. Balkrishna M. Manderkar

    Managing Director, Super Freight

  • Capt. Sekhar GC
    Capt. Sekhar GC

    Managing Director, Svan Marine Solutions

  • Capt. Sanjiv Verma
    Capt. Sanjiv Verma

    Director-Education & Training, Oceans XV Nautical services

  • Amit Suri
    Amit Suri

    Founding Partner & CEO, Seek Red

  • Capt. Saket Redij
    Capt. Saket Redij

    Proprietor, Coral Marine Services

  • Capt. Sharad Karnad
    Capt. Sharad Karnad

    ex-Sr.Vice President, JSW Jaigarh Port

  • Capt. S.N Thakur
    Capt. S.N Thakur

    Director-Training, Bibby ship management (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Experts Speak

  • Saurabh Rathore

    Director/ Head of Operations Braemar ACM Shipbroking India

    Time is ripe for seafarers to look for options beyond shipping.
    "SEAANDBEYOND.COM" led by veterans of industry is right choice for mariners who seek value addition & opportunities as it provides holistic, bespoke & one stop guidance to candidates based upon their personal...

  • Capt. A.S Brar

    Consultant Master mariner, London Offshore Consultants Limited

    If I had platforms like "seaandbeyond.com" for guidance, i probably would have planned my career a lot better and would have surely completed my law degree 3-4 years before.

  • Capt. arun Karkare

    ex-Director, Anti-pollution cell & Port projects

    Most Indian seafarers choose the sea career out of compulsion/ignorance than out of choice. "SEAANDBEYOND.COM" gives you all a wide range of choices supported by detailed analysis of the job you would like to be in, based on the simple principle of an excellent employment "Rig...