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Education helps to develop the skills that are needed to evaluate potential career paths. It provides the candidate with the skills, knowledge, and encouragement they need to get the most out of their desired career path. Investment in education and certification allows them to develop as a whole.
As a seafarer enhancing your career whether at sea or ashore ensures a smooth transition from ship to shore or takes you to the next level when onshore. Education plays a major impact on your lives it can change your thought process.
We at Sea & Beyond have the art of understanding your caliber and guide you with advice and roadmaps for a successful career. We ensure the Holistic development of the candidate as we have a strong understanding of standard business processes and displayed excellence while working with various Universities and Educational Organizations. Our core areas are career assessment, resume building, career workshops for seafarers, one-to-one counseling, processing foreign applications for different countries, guidance on SOP, and other details of foreign applications.

With our dedicated team & and experienced panelist we try to emphasize the following areas:

  • Choose life goals early
  • The perfect time to fuel your growth
  • Build aspirations and Clarity of Intent
  • Plan for a career that is fulfilling & motivating
  • Enter into professions that you will be delighted about
  • Take first steps towards a meaningful journey

    • We will hand-hold you to make a well-informed decision about your future education. We can offer you guidance to choose from different types of courses, and connect you to the alumni. Our services involve right from filling a form to visa application to low-cost remittance to accommodation to travel, and so on. We are committed to serving you and the best part is all is free of cost. etc.

      Our motto comes from a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin:
      “Investment in Education will Fetch the best Returns”

    Give your career a boost with S&B professional services.

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