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S&B helped me in overcoming my fears

Well, there were a lot of self-doubts & blocks, which were created due to my insecurities, one of them was my fear of riding a bike, I felt I would have an accident & never rode a bike. I have been driving a car for more than a decade. All my friends knew about this fear, through boot camp 2.0 I faced my fear & overcame it. I started taking bike riding lessons & am able to ride a scooty. In the future too, I have full confidence that I will overcome my fears. It's so simple, trust the system that's what Capt. Harsh said. And I did. Now with the new confidence I take on the next step ... life's a journey, was taking baby steps ... now it's time to run. 

Capt. Sarvesh kargutkar

Vessel Operator

Commercial shipping company

Truly "one of its kind" in Maritime Domain

Sea & Beyond is a unique and first of its kind platform that has helped me tremendously in my career. Even after having more than a decade experience in shipping industry, I had a lot of doubts regarding what steps I can take for furthering my career at sea as well as ashore. Capt. Gaurav Rana, my mentor, gave me a medium to interact with experts of the industry. S&B also placed me in my first foreign shore job. Such holistic guidance is not available anywhere else. Thank you Sea & Beyond 

Capt. Saurabh Sharma

Training and Development manager

Ship Management

Different Perspectives & Opinions from Our Expert

I am personally impressed with the webinar/forum your team arranged for us. Great platform to bring all of us together to such forums and hear the perspectives and opinions from our industry leaders. Capt. Harsh Johari shared some amazing information and also touched on many aspects of how we can tap on our skills and enhance our career. I highly recommend all mariners to attend these kinds of webinars arranged by Sea and Beyond and take advantage of the experts to help you build your resume and transition ashore. One stop platform to all your queries. Good Job Team! 

Capt. Akhil Malhotra

Master Mariner

Gearbulk Ship Owning Ltd

Highly recommend Sea & Beyond

I have attended a number of webinars organized by Sea & Beyond and was impressed by the panel of experts who gave valuable guidance in a wide range of shipping related fields. I would highly recommend this platform to any shore-aspiring seafarer and would advise him to make most of the wealth of experience and wisdom from those who excelled even after quitting the sea. 

Arjun Trivedi

Technical Supt'd

Thanks very much!

Working with your resume service I have gained experience as well. It was learning experience I am very optimistic that with this quality CV will have more chance to find an appropriate job. Thanks very much! 

Dejan Keric

Croatian Chief Engineer

Satisfied with the CV preparation Service

Sea and beyond I have used services for preparation of my CV and have been very satisfied with services and the process and most important follow ups. Also, good guidance given during discussion in identifying strengths and career highlights Have recommended to my colleagues as well, who are also using such services, are in need of I would recommend this to shipping fraternity and persons associated with shipping even is mildly and those who are looking for a career ashore or at sea

Capt. Vishal Bhargawa

Operations Manager

OSM, Norway

Thankful for the guidance and support received by S&B

As a sailing seafarer looking towards shore opportunities, I had heard about Sea and Beyond from colleagues who had secured shore jobs at reputed companies. The guidance and support I received from Sea and Beyond was over and above what I expected. 
It is a great organization founded by Capt. Gaurav Rana and his associates, who are aware of the problems being faced by sailing seafarers which may discourage them from taking up shore jobs. 
Sincerely appreciate all the guidance and assistance imparted to me which has helped me transition ashore.

Capt. Navdeep Thapa

Marine Operation Manager

Ownership Company, Singapore

Grateful for their support and cooperation

I'd like to express my gratitude to the Sea and Beyond team for their outstanding assistance with my international admission. They guided me through every step of my application and interview, and with their guidance, I was accepted into the MSc program. I am grateful for their support and cooperation. Capt. Gaurav Rana provided me with sound advice for furthering my career ashore, which broadened my horizons. I would recommend this forum to any seafarer, regardless of nationality, for exceptional support, quick response, and career advancement advice. 

Qamar Abbas

Pakistani Chief Officer

Extremely satisfied thanks Sea & Beyond

My experience with Ms. Riya Shetty From Sea & Beyond made me feel extremely satisfied beyond expectations. I had been looking for a shore job after becoming Chief Engineer in Merchant Navy and when I was onboard ship I contacted Ms Riya and she was keeping me updated on regular basis about all the shore job openings matching my profile, When i signed off from vessel in Last week of November 2022 as per my travel plan she arranged two interviews for me in 3 days time period and was selected for both the roles, She was very helpful and always motivated me in my journey to get my first shore job. it was the beginning of a very good experience. She was very professional and kept me updated on every step. She even made a follow up, to check if everything was alright and working as promised. For that I give her a thumbs up. 

Satya Nand Tiwari

Deputy General Manager

Ports and Logistics

Thanks Sea & Beyond for all the help and support

A little bit about myself, I have been in about 4 different companies and worked with 7 different clients in my career so far. This was my first experience with Sea and Beyond. I wanted to take this moment to provide some feedback about my experience.

The recruitment process took about 15 to 22 days right from the first communication about the job till I got the offer from the company. (The delay I believe was from the company's end) Throughout the process I was in touch with Tasneem who was handling my communication with the recruitment team. Her professionalism and timely communication made the process easy and transparent for me. I particularly appreciate the effort she took to connect with me. ( As I generally am not reachable on my phone due to network issues and other commitments). The details about the recruiter she provided also gave me a clear understanding and helped me a little bit prepare for the interview as well.

Thanks for all the help and support from the Sea and Beyond team, special thanks to Tasneem and Shruti from the team.

Mohammad Amir

Front End Developer

Leading commercial management company

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