EOOW UK COC for Rating Professionals

EOOW UK COC holder engineer from rating background is welding machines

 EOOW UK COC Overview (Rating):

The Engine Officer of the Watch (EOOW) is a pivotal role of an officer who is in-charge for marine propulsion systems like engines or turbines. The key responsibilities include monitoring, controlling & coordinating to ensure efficient operations of machinery for safe operating parameters. To be considered for EOOW UK COC, candidates must fulfill multiple Eligibility criteria including all the courses and certifications. In this blog all the details related to EOOW UK COC for professionals from Rating background will be covered.

Many persons join merchant navy not fully aware about the path they could take and often end up working as GP rating and not sure on the career progression. With the EOOW COC from UK, these persons get a golden opportunity to work as engineers on board vessel and progress their path. The transition from a rating to an Engine Officer of the Watch (EOOW) is a path for ambitious individuals aiming to take on greater responsibilities and enhance their maritime careers. Such advancement in profession  provide them with an opportunity for personal growth and professional recognition in addition to increased pay. 

The process of becoming an Engine Officer of the Watch (EOOW) requires meeting specific eligibility criteria. This includes completing 33 months of sea-going service, maintaining a comprehensive Training Record Book (TRB), and successfully completing various short courses. Fulfilling these requirements will make you eligible to apply for the EOOW  UK Certificate of Competency (COC). Once you have submitted your COC application, you will undergo 5 months of on-campus training in the UK. During this training period, there will be an examination that, upon passing, will grant you the COC for EOOW.