University of Plymouth

Plymouth | United Kingdom

Overview :

It’s a research-intensive university, open to all who can benefit from a University of Plymouth education, and delivering excellent interdisciplinary research, experiential education and civic engagement.

The Core Principles

We will adapt our existing core strategic principles to enhance the University’s reputation and to understand sustainability as an embedded principle across everything we do.

1. Quality: striving for the highest quality in everything we do.

2. One Team: working, planning for and delivering a shared vision, underpinned by a strong sense of collegiality.

3. Reputation: building our institutional reputation through confidence in our pioneering contributions, excellence in education and research, socio-economic impact, and thought leadership.

4. Sustainability: sustainability in our finances, reputation, services, partnerships, environmental performance and global contribution.

Marine and maritime environments and societies

We want to maintain and build upon our pre-eminence internationally for contributions to the sustainability of marine and maritime environments and societies. The marine environment is integral to the well-being of life on Earth. Covering 70% of the Earth’s surface, the marine environment is home to 95% of the Earth’s species. Humans are dependent on the oceans more than ever before – for food, oxygen, water, mineral, sustainable energy. Yet vast areas remain unexplored. Mega cities of the world are on coasts, capitalizing on economic and trade benefits but impacting on, and vulnerable to, marine environments and climate change impacts.

Available Courses
Total: 2 Courses

12 Months



January and September Every Year


₹ 17.29 Lakh - ₹ 19.11 Lakh

  • Eligibility :- Graduate
  • Visa :- 1+2 After completion of course.
  • Scholarship :- £2,000 off your tuition fees.
  • Snb Comments :- International Shipping also offers an opportunity to enhance the professional competence of individuals who are already experienced and who wish to build on that experience through a structured programme of study. Our programme is delivered by research intensive staff with extensive industry experience and continuous engagement with the industry.


12 Months



January and September Every Year


₹ 17.29 Lakh - ₹ 19.11 Lakh

  • Eligibility :- Graduate Degree
  • Visa :- 1+2 Years Visa
  • Scholarship :- £2,000 off your tuition fees.
  • Snb Comments :- On this course, students will integrate analytical techniques for optimization with the current issues and latest developments in technology relating to logistics and operations management.


Application Process

Applications for postgraduate courses can be made at any time prior to the start of the course. However, we strongly recommend you apply at your earliest convenience typically by the end June of every year.

To create an application connect with


  1. Choose a programme
  2. Apply online                                                                    
  3. Wait to hear back
  4. Reply to your offers
  5. Find out if you’ve got your place

Apply online 

  • Sea and Beyond will help you to submit the application process.

       Wait to hear back

       The universities or colleges will decide whether to make an offer.

  • It’ll be either unconditional if the student has already met the entry requirements. or conditional if the
offer’s based on the student’s exam results.
  • If the student is not accepted by all five universities or colleges, or the tudent declined the offers received, he/she can use extra to apply for more choices, one at a time.
  •        Reply to your offers

    Once all the decisions are in, the student should reply to the offers by a specific deadline.

    • Select a firm choice
    • If the firm choice is conditional, should select an insurance choice too, if the firm choice is conditional that becomes back-up choice
    • Decline any other offers.

    Find out if you’ve got your place

    You’ll see in Track if the place is confirmed.


    • If the firm choice is unconditional – the offer is confirmed
    • If the place is conditional, the university or college will update the student’s status when they have the exam results or other evidence that the student has met the conditions.
    • The student may be unsuccessful if he/she doesn’t meet the conditions –in this case the student can use Clearing to apply for more courses.
    • The student can use Adjustment to look for alternative course , if he/she meets and exceed conditions of the firm choice.

    Required documents to apply for PG Course?

    • Passport
    • Academic Reference letters, (PG)
    • Evidence of English competency (FC/UG/PG) and General tests(PG)
    • Copies of degree/diploma certificates (PG)
    • Academic transcripts (Grade 10,Grade 12, Bachelors, Masters)
    • Graduate applicants may also be required to submit a research posal(PG)
    • Proof of Funds(PG)
    • Statement of Purpose (SOP) (FC/UG/PG)
    • Resume (PG)

    Scholarships and financial support

    The Chevening Scholarships

    • These scholarships are offered by the UK government to individuals with impressive academic results.
    • Recipients of the scholarships are personally selected by British Embassies around the world.
    • The scholarship programme offers financial support to study a one-year Master’s degree at any of the UK’s leading universities.

    The Commonwealth Scholarships

    • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships


    For further details on the application process, timelines and Visa related process feel free to connect with Sea and Beyond at 

    Note - We do not charge any service fees for guidance/mentoring and filling up of forms


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