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Maritime-focused Business Intelligence (BI) courses cater to professionals in the maritime industry seeking to enhance their analytical skills. These courses provide a specialized understanding of BI tools and techniques tailored to the unique challenges of maritime operations. Participants will gain insights into data-driven decision-making, risk management, and operational efficiency within the maritime sector. 

Topics covered may include 

  • Introduction To Power BI 
  • Getting started 
  • Connecting & Shaping Data 
  • Say Hi! to DAX 
  • Creating Relationship in model view
  • Building reports 
  • The Power BI report view 
  • Inserting objects / charts 
  • Formatting options
  • Filtering options 
  • Managing interactions 
  • Bookmarks & buttons 
  • “What If” Parameters 
  • Importing custom visuals 
  • Report making with Canva / PowerPoint Managing Power BI 
  • Data refreshing 
  • Sharing reports 

The course uses data on 

a) Maritime accidents which have taken place over a period of time

b) Marine trade over past 60 years

A project is given to the attendees to work on this data and submit the assignment to than get paid for it. 

In addition to this some Bonus Add-On includes Integration of Chat-GPT with Excel and Power BI, which includes:

  • The AI World
  • Prompt engineering (Tips & best practices)
  • Chat GPT for Excel 
  • Chat GPT for Power BI

By focusing on real-world maritime scenarios, these BI courses empower industry professionals to harness the power of data for improved decision-making and overall performance in the maritime domain.

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What you’ll learn

Chat- GPT

Data Analysis

Business Intelligence

Report making


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4 Hrs

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