Shore job options for Deck Officers outside Shipping

Shore job options for Deck Officers outside Shipping

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Capt. Gaurav Rana
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Guidance plays a crucial role in our career growth as it directs us toward the right path by bridging the knowledge gap. So to provide you with proper guidance and help you in your career growth we are presenting a series on “Ship to Shore - Career Transition Series for Deck Officers.” In this series Capt. Gaurav Rana has answered all our queries to help us make well-informed professional decisions for your career growth


The topics covered in the series include: 

  • Shore jobs for deck officers outside the shipping industry 
  • Job opportunities as deck officers outside of shipping 
  • Consulting, skills, salary, how to apply? 
  • MBA skills, salary, how to apply?
  • IT Company, skills, salary, how to apply? 


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Capt. Gaurav Rana

As the founder of Sea and Beyond, I’m not just a seafarer but an author weaving tales of maritime adventures. With a career navigating the unpredictable seas, my passion for exploration spills onto the pages of captivating narratives. Beyond the captain's hat, I don the role of an author, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the world of seafaring.

Join me on a captivating journey with Sea and Beyond, exploring maritime insights, adventure, and the resilient spirit of those who navigate open waters. Let's discover the allure of the sea together.


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41 Mins

Intended for:

For Maritime professionals looking to transition from Sea to Shore


Not based on any reference

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