Maritime India Vision 2030

Ships at the port showing progress in Maritime India Vision 2030


Maritime India Vision 2030, is a vision that aims at transforming the Indian Maritime Industry. Under this vision, Initiatives are being made to make seafarers future ready for the upcoming opportunities and technologies. It includes, increasing practical 

  • Onboard Trainings, 
  • Digitalization Of Certifications Like COC, 
  • Online System for Grievance Redressal, 
  • Providing 24/7 Mental Health Support to Seafarers, 
  • Promoting Women Seafarers, 
  • Extending Social Support and 
  • Introducing upgraded Maritime education to keep seafarers updated With the global market & opportunities 

And many more

It is an ambitious move towards reshaping the maritime sector. This strategic initiative is aimed at propelling India to the forefront of the global maritime industry, enhancing infrastructure, boosting investments, and fostering sustainable development within the sector. It’s a comprehensive blueprint designed not just to advance India's maritime infrastructure but also to integrate economic growth with sustainable practices, thus contributing to the nation's long-term development goals.


When was it laid?

The foundation of Maritime India Vision 2030 was officially laid during the Maritime India Summit in March 2021. This virtual summit was attended by various stakeholders including industry leaders, international investors, and government representatives, all converging to catalyze and steer India's maritime capabilities towards significant growth and modernization.


Ships with futuristic growth showing Maritime India Vision 2030


What all has happened till now? 

The progress made till now includes:  

  • Development Of Major Ports with New Terminals and Increased Handling Capacities, 
  • The Expansion of The National Waterway Network (Nw-1 And Nw-2) For Cargo and Passenger Transport, and 
  • The Promotion of Coastal Shipping to Reduce Logistics Costs.

Initiatives to boost the shipbuilding and repair industry's competitiveness have been implemented, alongside green initiatives to lower the maritime sector's carbon footprint. 

Collaboration with international partners has been strengthened, focusing on sustainable development and maritime security. Digital transformation efforts are being made to enhance operational efficiency and management in the maritime sector. 

The goal is expected to create over 2 million jobs in the Indian maritime sector, providing ample employment opportunities for seafarers​​ and all the efforts are underway for the vision. 


What is currently happening/in the near future?

Moving forward, the Maritime India Vision 2030 continues to gain momentum with several projects lined up. In the near future, emphasis will be placed on the development of 

  • Green Ports, 
  • Adoption Of Renewable Energy Sources, And 
  • Implementation Of Environmental Regulations 

that aim to reduce the carbon footprint of maritime activities. The introduction of automation and artificial intelligence in port operations is poised to boost productivity and redefine maritime logistics.

An integral part of the ongoing initiatives includes promoting the use of inland waterways which not only decongests road and rail networks but also provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly mode of transport. The government plans to further enhance the regulatory framework to attract more private investments and international partnerships in the maritime sector.


Ships on the port with work going on during evening hours shows the progress in Maritime India Vision 2030


How would it affect/benefit India?

The Maritime India Vision 2030 holds transformative potential for India and its seafarers as it prepares them for the global market by providing the academic support, services and the opportunities.  

Economically, it aims to significantly augment the maritime trade, which will catalyze overall economic growth and contribute substantially to GDP. It is expected to create numerous job opportunities, thus boosting employment and fostering skill development in maritime and related sectors.

Strategically, enhancing maritime infrastructure strengthens India's position in global trade, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. It supports the government's broader strategic goals such as the Act East Policy, enhancing trade relations with ASEAN countries, and improving maritime security dynamics in the Indian Ocean.

Environmentally, the shift towards sustainable and green maritime practices aligns India with global environmental goals and international commitments towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



The Maritime India Vision 2030 is set to be a cornerstone in India's development, strategically positioning the nation on the global maritime map as a leader in efficient, sustainable, and robust maritime logistics and infrastructure development. This vision not only promises to transform the maritime landscape but also to fuel the broader economic engines towards achieving comprehensive national growth and development.

Please Note: All the details mentioned are for education purpose and based on the research work done.

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Pinaki Dasgupta

Pinaki, a marine engineer graduate from Tolani Maritime Institute, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. With over a decade of professional journey, he began his career at sea, navigating container and bulk vessels for 5 years, ascending to the rank of 3rd Engineer Officer. Transitioning ashore, he pursued his MBA at PUMBA, setting the course for his commercial endeavors.
Joining the ranks of global leader Honeywell, he spent 7 years shaping the landscape of sales and business development. 

Driven by a passion for the maritime industry, he returned to his roots, serving as the Country Head for India and Subcontinent at Drew Marine India and later with Drew Marine Singapore.  Has been successful in establishing business in new markets and was a champion for increase in revenue in the companies he has served. Born and raised in Mumbai , Pinaki stays with his family in Mumbai and takes great pleasure in traveling .

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