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Truly "one of its kind" in Maritime Domain

Sea & Beyond is a unique and first of its kind platform that has helped me tremendously in my career. Even after having more than a decade experience in shipping industry, I had a lot of doubts regarding what steps I can take for furthering my career at sea as well as ashore. Capt. Gaurav Rana, my mentor, gave me a medium to interact with experts of the industry. S&B also placed me in my first foreign shore job. Such holistic guidance is not available anywhere else. Thank you Sea & Beyond 

Capt. Saurabh Sharma

Training and Development manager

Ship Management

Great Shore Job Opportunities

Thank you, sir, for your effort to give us such opportunity for shore job. 

Dinesh Kumar

Marine Engineer

An Initiative to know more about.

Hi Team, A great initiative I would like to know more & more about it.


MBA from University of New South Wales.

Valuable information received

Thanks a lot for providing this valuable information.

Gaurav Jain

Chief Officer

Wonderful Platform

My best regards for starting this wonderful platform for mariners. 

Amar Mudgal


Excellent Opportunity to speak with Industry Expert

Sea & beyond has given me an excellent opportunity to speak to an expert on one to one basis . The website is a good platform for seafarers who wish to evaluate alternate career paths and then decide what he wants to choose. 

Debanshu Roy Choudhary

Chief Officer

He session went very well and was very informative. Capt. Brar took all my queries and answered each of them well in detail. He also advised the best suited option for me.

Afsal Bari

cargo supervisor

SBM Offshore

I wish I could be there but sailing these days till end of the year end. 

Praful Mankar

Thank you, Sea & Beyond for the Innovative initiative, in order to connect with experts from different industries. It was a great experience to attained webinar by Capt. Amol, it was very informative, to the point & all the queries were answered. Would like to be a part of future webinars. 

Naveen Nathan


Seaarland Shipping

Experienced Personnel with helpful information

Had an expert call with Capt. Palash. Call was very informative and helpful. Giving a better exposure than information available on. Websites as the information given here was through experienced personnel. Appreciate Sea and Beyond team. 

Nelson Vatiwala


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