Masters UK COC

UK COC holder Master of the ship observing the functioning of the vessel


The highest-ranking officer on a merchant vessel, known as the Captain or Master, holds overall command of the ship. The captain bears the responsibility to oversee the ship's safe and efficient operation, covering aspects such as seaworthiness, safety and security, cargo handling, navigation, crew supervision, compliance with legal requirements, as well as the safety and welfare of all passengers and cargo onboard.

For those aspiring to achieve the position of captain in the merchant navy and obtain the UK STCW COC, this blog offers in-depth information about the eligibility steps and other requirements for being the Captain/Master


HND Nautical Science:

This course is designed for students to progress from OOW level (deck) to Master level. The Route will enable the candidates to achieve Master/Captain Certification by the SQA examination.

 Learners who have achieved the Advanced Diploma qualification and Chief Mate Certificate of Competency, after gaining the additional required sea-time, can progress on to the Masters Orals course, studying towards their final MCA/ Master Certificate of Competency. It is during this service period at sea that you will have the opportunity to accumulate the further sea service required to progress to the Master (unlimited) Certificate of Competency.