MCA UK Master Orals Preparation

Speakers :
Capt. Sherry
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Date & Time :
05/05/2024 at 10:00 AM IST
Price :
₹ 100000
Duration :
724 hrs
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Event Sessions

Session 1 :
05/05/2024 at 10:00 AM IST   To   04/06/2024 at 2:00 PM IST  (724 Hours)

Content On Trainings

The Master's role is a central and influential position, representing a gateway to a thriving career in the Maritime Industry for ambitious marine professionals. This specialized MCA UK Master Certificate of Competency (COC) course has been intricately designed to equip aspiring maritime professionals with top-tier resources and comprehensive mentoring. The aim is to ensure that participants are thoroughly prepared to handle the multifaceted responsibilities associated with vessel command, precise navigation, effective communication, meticulous log-keeping, and adept emergency responses. By undergoing this training, individuals not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical insights, laying a robust foundation for a successful journey in the maritime domain. 



  • Week 1


 Introduction to Rules of the Road

  • Day 1: ROR Session(Rule1-8)
  • Day 2: ROR Session(Rule9-18)
  • Day 3: ROR Session(Situations on DIGINAV Software )
  • Doubt solving and situational discussions


Restricted Visibility and Lights

  • Day 4: Restricted Visibility Theory(Rule 19)
  • Day 4: Restricted Visibility Situations(Exams radar Questions)
  • Day 5: Light & Shapes Explanation(Drawing lights and shapes)
  • ROR Lights answering technique sessions


Buoyage and Weather

  • Day 6: Buoyage(Explanations and situations on DIGINAV software)
  • Day 7: Weather Part 1 (Basic Foundation, Depressions, Fronts, Anticyclone)
  • Day 7: Weather Part 2 (Synoptic Chart, Fog,TRS, Wind Prediction, Currents)
  • Day 7: Weather Part 3 (Voyage Planning,Weather northern winter/norther summer)
  • Day 7: Weather Part 4 (Students test )


 Week 2: 




Regulations and Code Compliance ,Safety

  • Day 8: LSA Part 1
  • Day 8: LSA Part 2
  • Day 9: FFA
  • Day 10: Marpol Part 1
  • Day 10: Marpol Part 2
  • Day 10: Marpol Part 3
  • Day 10: Ballast Water Management



  • Day 11: LOLER & PUWER



  • Day 12: COSWP Health Safety Act 1974



  • Day 13: ISM
  • Day 14: ISPS
  • Day 15: MLC
  • Day 15: PSC


Week 3: 


Navigation, Bridge watchkeeping, Equipment, Heli Ops

  • Day 16: GMDSS
  • Day 17: Bridge Watchkeeping
  • Day 17: Bridge Equipment's
  • Day 18: Ice Navigation & Polar Code
  • Day 18: Heli Ops
  • Day 19:SAR Ops


STCW, Rest Hours, OLB  and Crew Handling

  • Day 19: STCW
  • Day 19: Rest Hours
  • Day 19: OLB Crew Handling


Stability, Cargo, Drydocking  and Certification    

  • Day 20: Stability Part 1
  • Day 20: Stability Part 2
  • Day 21: Stability Part 3
  • Day 21: Stability Part 4
  • Day 21: Dry Docking
  • Stability questions in orals


Cargo Work and Preparation for Heavy Weather

  • Day 22: Cargo Work Part 1(Bulk carrier, Tanker, Gas, RORO)
  • Day 22: Cargo Work Part 2(Timber, Container, Px ship etc)
  • Day 23: Arrival/Departure Preparation & Heavy Weather

          ***Cargo Work all vessels shall be discussed.


Week 4


Certification, Emergency, and Ship Handling

  • Day 24: Certification Part 1
  • Day 24: Certification Part 2
  • Day 24: Certification Part 3
  • Day 24: Certification Part 4

                    ***All certificates are shown and discussed in class along with concepts.

  • Day 25: MAIB
  • Day 26: Law Part 1
  • Day 26: Law Part 2
  • UNCLOS Explained
  • York Antwerp Rules
  • Salvage


Magnetic Compass 

  • Day 27: Magnetic Compass Day 1
  • Day 27: Magnetism Day 2


 Emergency Procedures

  • Day 28: Emergency in Orals & SAR


Ship Handling and Mock Orals

  • Day 29: Maneuvering
  • Day 30: General questions Handing over, Taking Over etc.

Last day mock orals dates are distributed to candidate.


Please Note: 


  • Digital copy of study material and resources will be shared with the students
  • It is advised to keep - Scientific Calculator, Drawing and writing material handy during the course
  • Classes are conducted 7 days a week, 3 to 4  hours per day
  • Students will be ready for exam as soon as course is completed.
  • Total teaching time 120 hours (4 -5 weeks)


During course 


Students will be doing Questions of Past papers during the course & will be solving Past papers on their own before completion.


To gain a comprehensive understanding of the course content, available resources, and the instructional approach, you can enroll yourself for free video modules. These modules serve as a succinct yet informative overview of the actual course, aiding individuals in making well-informed and conscious decisions regarding  enrollment.


In addition to free modules you can also check out our blogs by Capt. Sherry on:


Your ultimate guide: MCA UK Oral prep

OOW UK Orals prep 

Chief Mate UK Orals Prep 

Master UK Orals Prep 


Happy Learning!

About the Speakers

Capt. Sherry
Maritime Trainer,

Captain Sherry, a distinguished Master Mariner (F.G) and renowned Maritime Trainer for Officers of the Watch (OOW), Chief Mates, and Masters, brings a wealth of expertise to the maritime industry. With a remarkable track record of instructing and guiding over a 3000+ successful written & oral aspirant, he is a stalwart in shaping the next generation of maritime professionals. As the visionary founder of DIGINAV & Author of, he has revolutionized the field with his innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to safety, knowledge, and excellence on the high seas. Captain Sherry is a true luminary in the maritime world, dedicated to shaping the future of seafaring. 

Teaching is neither a job, Nor a profession-It’s responsibility”.

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