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Well shared information

Very good follow up, all information well share with the candidates, best mediator between candidate and company. Thank sea and beyond

Arti Shinde

Sr. Purchaser

Shipping company

Grateful to the Sea & Beyond team

I am very grateful to the Sea & Beyond team and especially Capt. Gaurav Rana for helping me understands the things to be done to start a career on land and introducing me to the right kind of people. Thank you and continue the good work. 

Vishal Jadhav

2nd Engineer

Commendable dedication & commitment

Ms. Riya was very attentive to my needs and asked me to share my CV with the recruiter. After submitting my CV, she was actively involved in her follow-up with the recruiter and provided me with regular updates. Her dedication and commitment to her work are commendable.

Anish Kumar Mishra

PMS Executive

Leading ship management company

S&B is Versatile and focus on individual issues

I would like to thank Capt. Gaurav Rana without whose help, shifting ashore would only be a dream. Capt. Gaurav Rana through his website www.seaandbeyond.com has helped me lay the foundation of my job ashore. Through Sea & Beyond, I received the opportunity to work ashore during which I was able to explore the opportunities and work culture ashore. I would like to personally help my mentor Capt. Gaurav Rana for his persistent assistance and his advice. The webinars organized by Sea & Beyond are a rich source of information which is not available elsewhere. They are quite versatile in their approach and cater to the individual questions of a persons and turns out to be a useful tool to supply the much-needed information to an ill-informed seafarer.

Capt. Arvind Agnihotri

Master Mariner

One of the best experiences

Really appreciate your hiring service, this is one of the best experience with you all guys...😊

Prashant Singh

CSU- Import/ Export

Leading shipping company

Impressed by the Operation & Professionalism

I came across Sea and beyond through one of my senior sailings colleague while I had decided to hang my sailing boots. Even though the advertisement forwarded to me was only for Chief engineer with oil tanker background and not LPG background, I did send my resume to Sea and Beyond. I got a call from Ms. Deepika Sharma (Business Manager) of sea and beyond telling me that even though my resume was not as per the requirement, but she can confirm it from the clients about it in a day. I never expected a call back from her as, I was not from the required background. Then I did get a call back from her, about my profile being shortlisted and guided me constantly for all the subsequent interview and selection process. I am very impressed with the way of operation and professional manner, in which I was constantly being updated. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude towards seaandbeyond.com, especially Ms. Deepika Sharma. 

Mahesh T Saravanan

Techincal Supt'd

Smooth and hassle-free transition process

I was impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise demonstrated by the Sea & Beyond team. They provided me with all the necessary guidance and support that I needed for a successful transition. Ms. Riya helped me a lot throughout the process and made the transition process smooth and hassle-free.

Janhvee Raut


Leading shipping company

Prompt updates, good connects

I have been lucky to be associated with sea and beyond team for the last 3 years. As a seafarer looking to start a career ashore it’s difficult to find suitable opportunities. Sea and beyond is great platform for shore jobs for aspiring seafarers. I thank them for guiding me and assisting me make the right choice for a career ashore. They regular update us with suitable opportunities ashore by messages and emails. And Deepika in particular has always kept in touch and provided prompt updates on jobs. Their rapport with various clients also is a plus point for connecting with the shore industry. I wish them all the best and would definitely be associated with them for a long time. 

Capt. Rishi Bhatia

QHSE Manager

International Andromeda Shipping

Genuine and great team

Genuine & great staff who helped with recruitment of employees in marine in industry. I highly recommend them.

Aziz Netterwala

Purchase officer

Shipping company

Thank you so much for making our lives easier!

It's always a Herculean task for a seafarer to scout for a shore job, but in my case, it was made simple and convenient after approaching the services of Sea and Beyond, Deepika was very efficient in guiding me from the very start till the end and I am now holding a comfortable job despite relocating from my hometown. Thank you so much for making our lives easier! 

Darshan Damodar

Ops Executive (Ex-3/Off)

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