The 5 Factors of Human Performance: How They Impact Your Work

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Many believe that human performance is solely based on a person’s natural abilities or talents. However, five factors can heavily impact how well someone performs at work. Understanding these five factors can help you better understand why some people excel in their roles while others struggle. By knowing what to focus on, you can work to improve your performance and achieve tremendous success.

In this course, you will learn more about the five factors that can help you excel in your role.


Learning Seaman

Learning Seaman is the first worldwide lifelong e-learning platform dedicated to seafarers wellbeing, mental health and resilience onboard. Τhe aim is to offer seafarers an educational and entertaining tool which will help them develop emotional resilience and manage stress, especially that brought on by the unique working conditions, such as social isolation and blurry boundaries between living and working in order to complete their tasks on board more efficiently.

It's an all-in-one platform that consists of short and concise courses from a variety of sections such as wellness and development, nutrition and health, sports, travel, art, music and movie stars, biographies, business and finance, classical studies, history, board games, theater etc. The courses are constantly updating and are presented in podcasts and video formats.


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