Crew Cube – First Sim-Free MiFi Device

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Manan Parikh
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Date & Time :
21/05/2022 at 2:30 PM IST
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1 hrs 30 mins

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Session 1 :
21/05/2022 at 2:30 PM IST   To   21/05/2022 at 4:00 PM IST  (1 Hours 30 Mins)

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put seafarers around the world in a precarious situation physically as well as mentally. With extended contract lengths, most countries and charters parties also place severe restriction on shore leave to ensure the supply chain is not impacted. For a seafarer, working in a high-pressure environment is already stressful and long periods away from family and limited opportunities to stay connected is impacting their mental wellbeing. 

At the other end, smartphones are becoming a basic need and an important means of staying connected with the world. With technology progressing exponentially, the Ships Wifi speeds or local connections with limited usage packs are not able to meet the growing software requirements, be it for work, social media needs or most importantly staying visually connected with your family & friends has become an evolving challenge.

This has led to developing CREW CUBE!

Connectivity in your hands. No more hunting and changing sims that have limited data and fixed duration at every Port. We have innovated a Pocket-Sized, Sim-Free MiFi device that connects to the local network in more than 130 countries.

All you need to do after purchasing the device is to add Global Day Pass(es) as per your requirement. On activating the day pass, the device will automatically locate the country and latch on to our partner network providing you access to Global unlimited data at 3G/ 4G speeds. With its immense features, there is lots more in the offerings.

Sea and Beyond along with Crew Cube, would like to resolve this enigma and we present to you a webinar on Saturday 21st May at 2:30pm with the following agenda:

Introduction to Crew Cube 
What are the problems faced by Seafarers related to connectivity  
How is Crew Cube the solution to these problems? 
What does Crew Cube offer to the seafarers? 
What is the price of the Crew Cube device?  
What is Day Pass? & how to load Day pass(es)?
Which countries does Crew Cube support? 
What is the price of Day Pass(es)? 
What are the payment methods available to add Day Pass(es)?
How will the logistics work to deliver the device? 
How to buy the Crew Cube device?
About the Company and Speakers

Tripper Technologies Pvt Ltd (TTPL) is in the business of providing GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY via its already existing product “TripperWiFi” for travel industry.   Tripper Technologies brings Crew Cube, a Smart and Sim-Free, IoT (Internet of Things) MiFi Device addressing the needs of Seafarers and the Shipping Industry.

The 4yr old company has host of clients from the corporate and travel sector as well as individuals. Few of the marque clients are Tata communications, Zycus Infotech, Suminter Organics, Accelya, HDFC Ergo, Global Panorama Showcase, Trailblazers, Akbar Travels and many others.

TTPL aims to be a pioneer in offering tailor-made solutions to the world of Internet of Things (IoT) from concepts to completion.

The Webinar is going to be hosted by Capt. Gaurav Rana, the Founder of Sea and Beyond and the speaker for this webinar are Manan Parikh, the Co-Founder and CEO and Manish Bagadia Co-Founder and COO of TTPL.

While we will have Q&A session, we encourage you to provide your questions before the webinar.


Warm Regards

Sea & Beyond Team

About the Speakers

Manan Parikh
Co- Founder, CEO,

 Co-founder and CEO of Tripper Technologies Pvt Ltd. I am responsible for business alliances and partnerships, implementations and execution of strategies as well as business development and growth.

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